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Helium (2019/20) - 8'
for 19 instruments
fl, ob, cl, bsn - 2hn, tpt, tbn - perc (2) - hp - cel - 2vln.2vla.2vc.db


Weaving (2020) - 0'45
Miniature for violin, piano, and vibraphone

Written for Kompass Ensemble
World Premiere: (Upcoming) 2 December 2020. Hochschul für Musik Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany | Kompass Ensemble

Kaleidopatterns (2016) - 10' (Unavailable. Revision in preparation)
for 6 instruments and fixed media
vib, pno, 2vln, vla, vc + fixed media
Commissioned by NewMusicSA for the Unyazi Electronic Music Festival: Infrastrucures

World Premiere: 17 July 2016. South African College of Music, Cape Town, South Africa | Waldo Alexander (violin), Lieva Starker (violin), Petrus de Beer (viola), Marguerite Spies (cello), Coila Enderstein (piano), Frank Mallows (vibraphone)


New work
for solo viola

Commissioned by the Royal Academy of Music in celebration of its Bicentenary in 2022
World Premiere: TBC

Écoulement (2018) - 5'
for solo alto saxophone
Written for the 2018 SASRIM Composers Meeting

World Premiere: 30 August 2018. Bongani Mthethwa Room, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa | Naomi Sullivan, alto saxophone

Circles (2018, rev. 2019) – 13′
for solo bassoon
Commissioned by the Negaunee Music Institute at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

World Premiere: 5 June 2018 in Buntrock Hall, Symphony Center, Chicago, IL, USA | Midori Samson, bassoon
view score (excerpt)

buy score (PDF)


Threads of Time (2020) - TBC (new work)
Dramatic song cycle for soprano and string trio

Commissioned by Thompson Street Opera Company
World Premiere: (Upcoming) TBC December 2020 | Kristina Bachrach, soprano

New work  
for two sopranos

Commissioned by Peridot Duo
World Premiere: (Upcoming) 26 February 2021 - Livestream | Peridot Duo

Passing the Hues (2020) - 2'30
for solo soprano voice
Written for Stephanie Lamprea's
Unaccompanied: Tiny Works for Quarantine project

World Premiere: 9 August 2020 | Stephanie Lamprea, soprano
view score (excerpt)

(Passing the Hues is first in this line-up)


A Meditation on Maya (2017) - 6'45
for fixed media/tape

World Premiere: 21 October 2017. Fenway Center, Boston, MA, USA

Abyss (2015) - 8'30
for fixed media/tape
Commissioned by the New Music Forum at Stellenbosch

World Premiere: 28 May 2015. Slee Gallery, Stellenbosch, South Africa