Passing the Hues (2020)

for solo soprano


Written for Stephanie Lamprea's Unaccompanied: Tiny Works for Quarantine project

Premiere: 9 August 2020 | Stephanie Lamprea | Ziksa Art Forum livestream

I. " glean..." Part 1

II. Hues

III. " glean..." Part 2

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Much of the text used here is taken from the Walt Whitman poems "Kosmos" and "Eidolons".

For me, these two poems complement each other well, in part, because of what I perceive to be shared themes between the two works. It is not necessarily the case that one can extract any significant meaning from my adaptation of these texts in Passing the Hues. For the piece itself, the words and their fragments are merely vehicles for exploration of sound, and essentially arbitrary in some cases. In addition to Whitman’s words, I have contributed a few nuggets of my own.

Audio/video recording:
Stephanie Lamprea, soprano
Roulette Intermedium, Brooklyn, NY, USA - 22 October 2020