A Meditation on Maya (2017)

for fixed media


Premiere: 21 October 2017. Fenway Center, Boston, IL, USA

A Meditation on Maya was inspired by the work of the American Avant-Garde filmmaker, Maya Deren. As was the case with her creative process, I sought to use modest means to create my musical impression of her surrealist images. 'Meditation' moves in an out of various musical ‘scenes’ in a way that I would hope is reminiscent of Deren’s inventive use of editing to jump between various ‘episodes’. Here, I have employed only a handful of haphazardly recorded piano samples, all processed in a variety of ways to form this collage of sound. The work is (or rather, intended to be) presented for 4 channels of sound (front left/right, and rear left/right) as a means of immersing the listener in the music the way a movie screen typically would.

Audio recording: